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at the heart of communication​

Pictogramme représentant un bâtiment ancien entourés d'icônes réseaux sociaux.

Communication consultancy

Achieve your key strategic issues by elaborating ambitious and successful communication plans and practices.

Pictogramme mégaphone entouré d'icônes de réseaux sociaux

Multimedia materials design

Inform and engage people by designing interactive communication materials including print, digital and audiovisual.​

Pictogramme pot de fleurs entouré d'icônes de réseaux sociaux

Social media management

Improve the spreading of your messages, increase and engage your community by using the power of social media.



We can give a voice
to ideas that
change the world

Communication is a means to help organizations to rise and share their ideas. In a world of media and information, mastering communication is the key issue for all organization including non-profits to inform and engage people.
My involvement in social and environmental issues is the reason why I wish to work with changemakers, to lead meaningful projects to success with the means of communication. I believe that together, we can give a voice to ideas that change the world. I also believe in the democratization of communication for limited resources’ organizations, and the possibility to confer them professional services that respect at the same time the workers’ needs.

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